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How to Get an American Flag that has Flown Over the U.S. Capitol, a web page from TheCapitol.Net

ALEXANDRIA, VA -- February 11, 2004 -- TheCapitol.Net today released a web page that explains how all Americans can get an American flag that has flown over the Capitol at www.CapitolFlags.US . This page provides links that enable a user to find his or her Senators and Representative to order a flag.

"All Americans can get a flag that has flown over the U.S. Capitol, at a very reasonable price, directly from their elected members of Congress," says Chug Roberts, Publisher of TheCapitol.Net. "This web page at CapitolFlags.US explains how to contact your Representative and Senators and provides links to directories at the House of Representatives and the Senate."

CapitolFlags.US, which will be kept updated by TheCapitol.Net, does not sell flags. The page explains that U.S. flags are available from each citizen's Representative's and Senators' offices as a constituent service.

Rep. Bob Ney (R-Ohio), Chairman of the House Administration Committee, said recently, "As a service to the American people that has existed for many years now, citizens have been able to contact their members of Congress and purchase an American flag that has been flown over our great Capitol building, Both the House and the Senate have charged minimal costs for these flags--roughly between $13 and $24, depending on the flag size."

The 1-page site, CapitolFlags.US will be kept updated with links to other web sites that explain how to care for the flag, the history of the American flag, and more.

TheCapitol.Net is a privately-held, non-partisan publishing and training company based in Alexandria, VA that publishes the "Congressional Deskbook," "Congressional Directory," and "Media Relations Handbook for Agencies, Associations, Nonprofits and Congress." TheCapitol.Net offers non-partisan legislative, advocacy and media training and information for government and business leaders.

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