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Ultimate Congressional Guide UPDATED for 108th Congress, Released By TheCapitol.Net

ALEXANDRIA, VA -- June 27, 2003 -- TheCapitol.Net today released an updated edition of the most comprehensive, one-volume guide ever produced about the U.S. Congress, providing government professionals, Members of Congress, journalists and citizens both a complete resource for understanding the inner-workings of our legislative branch and an up-to-date almanac of the 108th Congress. The Congressional Deskbook 2003-2004 is available at

"The Congressional Deskbook 2003-2004 was updated for the 108th Congress and 2 chapters were substantially revised in this edition, including the addition of the Congressional Budget Process Flowchart," says Chug Roberts, Publisher of TheCapitol.Net. "This book continues to be a must-buy for lobbyists, federal agency staff, congressional offices, political reporters, government professionals and any citizen who wants to know how the legislative branch of their government works."

The Congressional Deskbook 2003-2004 covers all the bases, including legislative and budget processes and special procedures and procedural strategies; the forms and impact of political competition on Capitol Hill; overviews of the election, lobbying, and ethics laws and rules that regulate congressional behavior; congressional relations with the president, executive branch, federal courts, and states; the work of membership, leadership and administrative offices; the variety of congressional documents; a list of frequently mispronounced names of Members of Congress; and how to conduct research on Congress.

The 656-page volume, which is updated biennially for every new Congress, includes everything from sample congressional documents with explanatory notations to Capitol Hill maps and phone numbers.

Two Congressional experts - Michael L. Koempel and Judy Schneider - wrote the Congressional Deskbook 2003-2004.  Koempel is a Senior Specialist in American National Government and Schneider is a Specialist on Congress with the Congressional Research Service (CRS) in the Library of Congress.  The Budget chapter (Ch. 9) was revised and updated by Bill Heniff, Jr., and Peggy Garvin updated and revised Ch. 13 and the research sections in Ch. 8. 

TheCapitol.Net is a privately-held, non-partisan publishing and training company based in Alexandria, VA. TheCapitol.Net offers non-partisan media, legislative, budget and communication training and information for government and business leaders.

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Several sample sections from the Deskbook are available, including:

Contact TheCapitol.Net for a sample of the Congressional Budget Process Flowchart

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